In past years we’ve tried selling calendars to raise funds. This time we´re just giving it away as a pdf file for you to print at your convenience. 


Our theme for 2014 is flowers. Though I’ve always been fascinated by wild animals, it was only in the last years that I began to take an interest in plants, particularly in flowers. As a few of you know, in addition to Mexiconservación´s Daily Photo on Facebook,  I started another page called Daily Flower several months ago.


Pagina Muestra: Febrero, Heliocereus cinnabarinus

 Each day I try to post a photo of a different flower I`ve seen.  It is usually the first thing I do every morning, as I find it very helpful to start my days by sharing something beautiful.

And that´s why I´ve decided to just give away this calendar, as a Christmas gift to whoever wants to take it.

Pagina muestra: Noviembre, Canna sp.

Pagina muestra: Noviembre, Canna sp.

Unlike Daily Flower, this calendar features only flowers that are native to Mexico.  The photos were taken in Jalisco, Chiapas and Quintana Roo.  Some were taken on the beach, some in the mountains, and others in the city.  Some were taken in familiar settings, some while exploring new territory.  Some were taken when I was happy and at peace, others while I felt more sad, cautious, and even terrified.

Regardless of where I was, geographically or emotionally, these flowers managed to catch my eye.  And the act of stopping to contemplate the contrast of their folds and colors, helped me appreciate the contrasts in my own life.

Pagina muestra: Junio, Argemone ochroleuca

Pagina muestra: Junio, Argemone ochroleuca

I find it impossible to look upon these images without giving thanks for the privilege of having experienced this, and so much other beauty in my life.

I hope you enjoy them as well.

(If you prefer an English language calendar, you can purchase it from CafePress.)

David Nuñez is a biologist, photographer and author of  several books on the Wildlife of the Mexican Caribbea, as well as a founding member of Mexiconservación.

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