Though commonly encountered on scuba dives on the reef, it rarely ventures into the bays and lagoons of the Mexican Caribbean. These turtles have a massive head with powerful jaws used to feed on shellfish (conch, clams, and crabs). It has a wider range and travels farther than either Greens or Hawksbills, and unlike the previous two, it mates during migration. They reach maturity at around 35 years of age, and individuals have been known to live over 100 years. It is believed that Loggerheads spend their early years hiding out among the floating seaweeds of the Sargasso Sea.
Like other sea turtles, it has been hunted throughout history for its meat, eggs, fat and shell. The biggest current threat is its accidental capture by commercial fisheries, which kills tens of thousands of migrating Loggerheads each year.
Loggerhead Sea Turtles are listed as an Endangered species.


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