Caguama, Loggerhead

At long last, 9 years after having seen my first Loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta), I was able to take an acceptable photograph.  The thing is, one shouldn’t use a flash to avoid scaring them, so in addition to depending on just dumb luck running into one on the beach, you need a full moon and a good camera… Anyway, out of 20 attempted shots last night, one seems worth sharing.  Remember that all sea turtles are endangered, and harassing them in any way is a crime.  If you run into one, do not approach it until it is finished nesting and heading back to sea – that is another variable that complicates taking pictures, time is short and the subject is moving…

2 responses to “LAST NIGHT!

  1. Hope she laid many eggs which will be protected until they hatch….
    Imagine you will be fortunate to see many more come to your area to deposit many more…..

    • Yes, she laid a nest which was immediately marked and noted by the sea turtle conservation volunteers, and will be zealously protected by hotel staff for the next two months.

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